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Friday, September 28th, 2007
2:47 am
The Head Shot
I guess the one I can recall best was this one time I was with an ex, in her little ass hatchback. It was so small that I had to actually crouch in the place where you put your feet in the backseat, with the front passenger seat leaned and pushed forward.
So here I am my feet scrunched into this small place, my ass cheeks feeling a cold bar underneath, and I am trying to fuck this girl like it's going out of style. Well, she is turned around and bouncing as she can in this cramped ass lemon she owns. Now since it started getting all foggy in the windows and we had to watch out since we parked this car in the middle of a soccer field in a park next to this school I worked at,  she pops the hatchback.
Now we going at it like to epileptics in Grand Mal seizures, I fucking realized I got no rubber on my shit, (yeah I know I was what 15/16, a horrible kid trust me) so when I am about to cum I let her know and pulled out. Now she likes to give head and swallow cum so I am like "Alright, I will hold it off come and get it." Well she turns around and starts going down like a featherweight against Mike Tyson, when I bust this geyser. It shot off and streaked her cheek before hitting the top of her hatchback. The second salvo hit her dead on her forehead, and by then she was close enough that the little bit left almost got her eye. Now after I cum I am sensitive, and more than likely the only time I am ticklish. So usually I laugh a bit as I let her clean me up, but this time I couldn't stop because of the head-shot I just pulled off. So after cleaning up and shit I tell her I need to drive up to a gas station and get me some food or something, and just as we pulling out of the park a cop is pulling in and asks us what we were doing. I told him I worked there and I thought I saw something bad so I pulled in to check it out. He asked me for my license and everything and since I lived a block away from there and had my Parks and Recreation ID he let us go. But I know he smelled the after sex smell from her car.
So the morale is, Duck under Fire!

Current Mood: horny
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